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About Mixer Center

Mixer Center has several locations across Texas and New Mexico. These locations are all fitted with a shop and service trucks to meet your needs. All our locations have a technician on call for any emergencies that may come up, and rental machines to keep you feeding 24/7.

Stephenville, Texas
Mixer Center's main office is in Stephenville, Texas. This shop has two overhead cranes, 10 ton each, perfect for all the repairs and maintenance we do in our shop. There are also several service trucks that can come to you.

Friona, Texas
In Friona, we also have a shop with a 10 ton crane, several service trucks, and technicians on call.

Roswell, New Mexico
Like our other locations, our Roswell location is also fitted with the same amenities.

Dalhart, Texas
Our newest location is in Dalhart, Texas

Mixer Center keeps a large parts inventory for mixer wagons, trucks, manure spreaders, and more at each location. All our locations are in constant contact with each other, if you see a machine you're interested it can easily be transported to another location.

Service and Repairs
Mixer Center's locations are designed to help you with repairs; we understand the need to have your machinery up and running 24/7. Especially your mixer wagon. We have 24 hour 7 days a week service, and rental machines stationed in several locations to keep you feeding. We also don't need your help in the middle of the night to hook up to your broken wagon. Mixer Center has designed a special hitch to make your life easy and to save you money.
In West Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma we have a special service truck traveling around. We call it our "shop on wheels" For more information on our shop on wheels visit our Shop on Wheels Page.
Used parts for sale
New parts for sale

Used Equipment Sales
Besides Service and repairs Mixer Center also has a large assortment of used equipment that we sell. We sell anything from Used Feed Equipment, Used Manure Equipment, to used floating pumps.
Our inventory is constantly changing, here are the links to our current inventory:
- Used Feed Equipment
- Used Manure Equipment
- Used Transport Equipment
- Used Harvesting Equipment
- Used Freestall Equipment
- Used Other Equipment

New Feed Equipment
Mixer Center sells many brands of machinery.
Our main mixer brands are:
Loewen Mixer Wagon Trioliet Mixer Wagons For Sale Supreme Mixer Wagons For Sale
tatoma mixer for sale schuler dairy equipment for sale kirby mixer wagons for sale texas
Even though these are our main brands please call us if you are interested in another brand of mixer.

New Manure Equipment
Our main manure equipment brands are:
Loewen manure spreaders for sale texas Manure equipment for sale Mench Manufacturing manure equipment
Even though these are our main brands please call us if you are interested in another brand of manure equipment.
Also check our our used manure inventory.

Other Brands
easy rake manure rakes for sale Jamesway equipment for sale texas pikrite dairy equipment for sale colorado
Roto Grind Mixers for sale oklahoma Schuitemaker loader wagons for sale texas Strautman loader wagons for sale texas
Penta transport end dump
These are not all the brands Mixer Center sells or repairs, please call for more information about specific brands.

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